How to Safeguard your Car from Hacking

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Owning a car is a significant investment that you'll want to protect and safeguard for many years to come. Unfortunately, thieves are becoming more sophisticated with how they hack into vehicles and access the data that is available. If you want to safeguard your car from hacking, there are a few essential tips to follow when it's in use or is parked.

Stay Connected to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you don't want to give up using the tech gadgets that are available in your car, opt for using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are safer because they have a higher level of security. Both tools will allow you to stay connected to your smartphone while on the go without putting your car at a higher risk of being hacked.

When using the Wi-Fi hotspot that is in the car, avoid leaving it on when it's not in use. Hackers can detect the signal and have access to the data in the vehicle, making it necessary to keep it off. Your Wi-Fi password will also need to be protected and kept in a safe place to prevent the wrong person from accessing the network.

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Use Caution When Modifying the Software

Many drivers choose to modify the software that is installed as a way to customize the car and how it operates. Not only can modifications lead to issues that develop with the operation of the software, but it can also make it more vulnerable to becoming hacked. It can also be more challenging to perform updates on the car in the future if it's been modified.

You'll also need to perform updates throughout the year when they become available to ensure that the latest security measures are installed to protect the car. You can also contact your dealership to determine if you have the newest software or if it needs to be updated.

Use Caution with the Devices That You Connect

One of the most common ways that hackers can access the data in the car is through various devices that are sent to the driver via snail mail. You need to use caution before plugging in USBs or dongles. Avoid signing up for programs through insurance companies that allow you to obtain a lower rate if you drive safely. The insurance companies often require a dongle to be installed, which can allow hackers to have access to the brains of the vehicle.

Don't Leave Your Car Stranded

It's important to avoid leaving your car stranded or unlocked when you're not using it, which is when it will likely be targeted. Be aware of people who may have access to your vehicle to ensure that you don't allow it to become hacked when it's not being used.

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