Oil Change Service

Even though you should read your vehicle owner's manual to know how long you can drive before you should change your oil, there are still some signs that will tell you when to bring your car in for an oil change. Here are just a few of the most obvious ones.

Your Oil is Dark and Dirty

Clean engine oil is translucent and amber in color, but it darkens as it cycles through your engine and breaks down. When it comes time to change your oil, it will be almost black. If you want to know the state of your engine's oil, simply pull the oil dipstick out of your engine, wipe it clean, and insert it again. If you can read the dipstick through the oil, you can go a little while longer without an oil change. If what comes out is so black and dirty that you can't see the dipstick, it needs to be changed. It should also go without saying that if your dipstick says that you have too little oil, you should definitely add some more.

Your Engine is Making Loud Sounds

If you can hear a loud whining or knocking sound coming from the hood of your car, you might be due for an oil change. This isn't the only reason why your engine might be louder than usual, so make a note of when you changed your oil last if you start to hear these sounds. If it's definitely been a while, make an appointment to change your oil sooner rather than later.

There Is Too Much Smoke Coming from the Engine

Changing the Engine Oil

If you see actual smoke coming out your car exhaust, you should get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. This is not to be confused with seeing bigger clouds of exhaust coming from your car when the weather gets colder. This is completely normal and related to the temperature rather than the health of your engine. Excessive smoke might be a sign that your car has an oil leak that needs to be repaired. Get the leak fixed, and have your oil changed for good measure.

Do You Smell Oil in the Cab?

You might also detect the smell of oil in cab of your vehicle if you have an oil leak or your oil level is too low. Needless to say, you need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

If you notice any of these signs and you've gone a few thousand miles without an oil change, contact us to make an appointment with our service department as soon as you can. Oil changes may not have to occur as frequently as you think they do, but they are one of the most important bits of maintenance that you can perform on any vehicle.

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