Maintaining Kia Resale Value

When you're ready to purchase a new vehicle, you likely need to sell the car that you currently own. When it comes to advertising the car, it's important to improve its condition to ensure that it has more appeal and attracts a potential buyer. If you want to maximize your car's resale value, there are a few main steps to take as the current owner.

  • Detail the Vehicle
    Getting your car detailed will remove stains on the upholstery and carpet or dust on the dashboard. The seats and floors are vacuumed to remove dirt and food crumbs. You can also use cotton swabs on the dashboard to clean small crevices where dirt may be present. Washing the floor mats are also necessary to improve the appeal of the car.

  • Wax the Exterior
    The exterior of your vehicle is the first impression that’s made on buyers and will influence if they decide to check out the car further. Your paint job may be faded or look dull, which is why a wax is needed. Waxing and polishing the paint will add extra shine that makes the car appear newer instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on a new paint job. When washing the vehicle, you can preserve the shine by using dish soap instead of harsher chemicals that may remove the finish.

  • Maintain Your Repair Documents
    It'll be easier to sell your vehicle if you have repair and maintenance records. This is proof that you took care of your vehicle during the time as the owner. This gives a potential buyer piece of mind. You can also look up your car online to get a vehicle history report to prove how well it has been cared for and to back up the information with accident history.

  • Perform Minor Repairs
    There may be minor repairs that are needed on your vehicle, which most buyers will not want to make after the purchase the car. You'll need to replace a broken headlight or worn windshield wipers. Repair any issue connected to a dashboard warning light. If repairs are needed, it can cause the buyer to question the reliability of the car and move on.

  • Inspect the Tires
    Your car's tires are one of the main features of the vehicle that will determine how well it drives when a potential buyer takes it out on the road. Check to see if there's still tread that is present or if there's enough air in each tire. If the tires need replacing, consider buying a used set that is in better condition but won't cost you hundreds of dollars. If the current tires have curb rash then you can easily have them repaired instead of replacing each damaged tire.

If you want to learn more information about how to maximize your car's resale value, feel free to contact Joe Myers Kia to speak to an expert. We can provide you with additional tips and also assist you with test driving cars.

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