Kia Reliablity

Kia Long-Term Durability

Kia is the Korean brand that is taking over a large share of the daily driver market because the brand's quality continues to accelerate above its competitors. There are many reasons why someone would want to own a Kia. They are stylish, compact, affordable, super safe, and fun to drive. However, the most important aspect of the Kia brand is its reliability. Reliability provides the ultimate value factor in a vehicle because it ensures long-term durability. You don't want a vehicle that superbly demonstrates its capabilities and then dies out before you have a chance to break it in.

Why is Kia Such a Reliable Brand?

When Kia first came on the market, there were some quality issues. It took some time to figure out why they weren't enduring so well in the United States. The engineers may have failed to consider factors that are exclusive to drivers in the USA.

Nevertheless, the new Kia models are re-engineered and backed by a phenomenal seven-year warranty that is more than double what most manufacturers now offer. In addition, the Kia brand was awarded the honor of being the most reliable vehicle by J.D. Power & Associates. The Kia Soul, Sportage, and Sorento were the top performers.

You will see more Kia vehicles on the roads than ever in the coming years because they focus on examining the engineering issues from all angles. They literally hire engineers to tear down their vehicles and figure out how they can make them stronger. The thing with engineering is that you can never get it right by making calculations on paper. Engineering has to factor in real-world conditions such as driving habits and the maintenance schedule habits of consumers


If drivers are finding it difficult to keep up high maintenance on vehicles and are driving their vehicles harder than originally thought, the engineers have to figure out how to solve the failures that occur as a result. And Kia has done a phenomenal job in this department.

Not only does Kia focus on reliability and solving the engineering weaknesses as they are uncovered but they also continue to add the latest innovations to their vehicles. And in using the wisdom and data that they've compiled regarding the driving habits and environmental factors in the U.S. market, they are able to tweak the engineering and predict how the vehicles will hold up down the line.

How Does Kia Compare to Competitors?

When you look at the class of vehicles that are similar in price and features to the Kia models, you will find that Kia surpasses them in reliability. This is a testament to the quality of parts that are manufactured to produce them and the level of quality controls in place to ensure reliability.

How Can I Test Drive a Kia?

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