Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Putting a vehicle in reverse and navigating through a parking lot or driveway can be quite a challenge. The bigger your vehicle is, the more challenging you may find this process to be. If you are trying to navigate a tight space as safely as possible, you may want to utilize your Kia rear cross traffic alert system. Your traditional sensors that are part of your blind spot monitoring may not be able to pick up moving obstacles that are directly behind your vehicle. When you pair these different sensors with your rear cross traffic alert system, you will have the ability to view all around your vehicle. This keeps you and your family safe, but this feature also keeps other people and vehicles around you safe.

If you want your Kia rear cross traffic alert to be engaged, you will simply need to put your vehicle into reverse. This will automatically engage your rearview camera and parking sensors, and thus the rear cross traffic alert system. If your Kia picks up on anything in your vicinity, an icon will flash on your infotainment system display screen. You should also see an arrow telling you where the danger is located. If you don’t want this feature engaged, you have the ability to deselect it from your functions. However, it is recommended that you always have your rear cross traffic alert engaged. It is a safety feature that can really protect you and everyone that is around you.

Categories: Safety