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You may have heard that the KIA Forte is one of the top-selling models to date. That rumor that you heard might have gotten you interested in buying one. You're on the right track if you're thinking about purchasing a Forte because it truly is one of the top models. It's at the top of the list for a variety of reasons, not just one. Here are three of them.

Its Stunning Exterior

The Forte is a breathtaking vehicle, and you'll see it if you visit us for a test-drive. Many people love it so much because it's not your typical compact car. It has a highly sporty appeal, but it's still practical enough to pique interest in the older crowd. You could say that the Forte is "everybody's car," and that's why it's always one of the first to leave our lot. Colors like Fire Orange and Deep Sea Blue continue to dazzle the crowd.

Its Accommodating Interior

The Forte's interior has a lot of accommodating features. It has loads of technology and entertainment for you and your passengers. For example, the Android Auto application will help you send text messages to your friends and family or make some phone calls with your voice. The Apple CarPlay is there to keep you connected to your favorite music. This model has many more great features, but you'll need to come in to get the full list. It's just way too long to try to tell you about it in one sitting.

Its Above Average Space and Comfort

The Forte has more space and comfort than people realize. For one, it can seat up to five people in its cabin, and a lot of people don't know that. Secondly, it has a generous amount of cargo space. Car owners like to have lots of space to put their things if they decide to go on vacation. On top of everything else positive, the Forte is also affordable. A consumer could pick one up for a little more than $17,000. Our dealership offers deals and discounts that can decrease that already-low amount even more.

Visit us at Joe Myers KIA for an up-close and personal experience as to why the Forte is ranked so highly. Our sales specialist will take you on a journey and show you how magnificent the model is. You'll be pleased with it when the journey is over. Contact us by short form or phone call to get started.

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