Citizens’ Environmental Coalition  

The Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC) in Houston is a coalition of governmental, nonprofit, and educational organizations dedicated to improving the quality of the environment in the greater Houston-Galveston region. CEC contains over 100 member organizations within the Houston and Gulf Coast regions.

About CEC

CEC started in 1971. The organization was founded by a group of local women who were active in addressing the region's environmental issues. The women championed many successes on the local level, including establishing a nature center at the beautiful Armand Bayou, creating safe places for community members to ride their bicycles, and preventing concrete walls and barriers from being constructed at the Buffalo Bayou.

While the women played an instrumental role in bettering their local community's environment, they also recognized that they could accomplish more by partnering with like-minded environmental activists and organizations. Ultimately, the women formed a network of similar local environmental groups to open communication lines and coordinate efforts for environmental improvements. CEC was officially formed after the women established a core group of member organizations. Shortly after CEC's formation, participating members began an annual environmental publication, organized community forums. They set up an answering service to field calls from the media and others in the community who were interested in joining CEC's mission.

Today, more than 40 years after its inception, CEC's primary focus remains to communicate critical environmental issues. CEC accomplishes its outreach through several programs in and around the Houston area. CEC and its partner organizations work in 13 counties across Texas, including Colorado, Chambers, Brazoria, Austin, Galveston, Fort Bend, Matagorda, Liberty, Harris, Waller, Walker, Wharton, and Montgomery.

Citizens’ Environmental Coalition Meetings

CEC Programs

CEC has several ongoing programs. One of its core programs is a weekly newsletter of environmental news updates that reaches more than 6,000 subscribers. The newsletter includes updates on environmental news from the 13 counties that the organization serves. Upcoming special events held by member organizations or related to local environmental issues are also highlighted. Every year, the organization has an annual meeting where concerned citizens can discuss current environmental issues. Throughout the year, CEC also hosts leadership luncheons, which are informal meetings designed to spark discussion and coordinate efforts to address local and regional environmental concerns.

Along with its regular programs, CEC also hosts a special awards ceremony every year called Synergy Awards. The awards program, which began in 1997, recognizes local organizations and individuals for their notable environmental community achievements.

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