Kia Tops Mass-Market Brand In J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study  

Kia recently ranked at the top for having the highest vehicle dependability overall in a recent study on the topic. This is the first year that Kia has won the overall ranking. They were up from the third rank in 2021. This makes them one of the more dependable vehicles for long-term use in the American market.


Overall dependability for a vehicle is an important distinction. This is coming from the J.D. Power study that came out earlier in the year. In general, South Korea took three out of the five spots, which shouldn't be that surprising. Other brands took some of the other slots.

This study is one of the most-watched studies that come out annually. There are only a few of these that people keep a close eye on year per year. In particular, this study focused on 184 problem areas in different categories related to vehicle dependability.

These include different features and controls going from powertrain operation to displays in the vehicle. Driving assistance is one of the categories as well. This study measures how satisfied owners are with different aspects of their vehicles.

The biggest problem among the tested problems was infotainment systems. People had an issue with these not working rather often, although, of course, Kia did the best among them a. The mass-market infotainment systems did better generally than the premium ones.

Dependability is simply a consumer issue that comes up towards the top of their interest when it comes to evaluation rather frequently. Automakers like Kia, which just tend to perform much better than other brands, end up a step ahead of the competition, given how important all of this is. Problems can occur throughout a vehicle, including the mechanical running of the car, the interior, the exterior, and also anything else like electronic systems.

Simply put, when driver assistance, infotainment, or anything within a vehicle starts misfiring, people tend to take notice.

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