Kia America Contributes $500,000 To American Red Cross for Hurricane Ian Relief  

After Hurricane Ian's path of destruction left the residents of Florida and South Carolina devastated and infrastructures that will take months, if not years, to repair, there was a clear need for immediate action. Not only is the economic recovery in dire need, but the emotional toll Hurricane Ian caused cannot be understated. So when Kia America saw the need, the company stepped up with a $500,000 donation to the American Red Cross.

Making a Positive Difference In a Crisis

In the wake of one of the most horrific hurricanes in our country's history, Kia America did not hesitate to assist in the recovery efforts. Those affected by the storm require shelter, food, and financial support, and the American Red Cross is an organization that knows how to identify the needs in times of crisis. The donation of $500,000 is another way that Kia American continues to give back through its charitable initiatives.

Since 2019, Kia America has provided almost $4.8 million through its "Accelerate The Good" initiative program. Kia Finance America also immediately announced that customers with auto loans and leases impacted by Hurricane Ian have options to determine eligibility for payment relief solutions.

Help Is On the Way

With the $500,000 donation by Kia America and those from others, the American Red Cross plans to facilitate temporary shelter, food, and comfort items to residents of Florida and South Carolina. Hurricane Ian was one of the largest in U.S. history in those states, and tens of thousands of people were displaced and left without basic needs. While the American Red Cross continues to request the help of others for their efforts to stabilize the lives of those impacted, Kia America has also encouraged employees, dealer networks, and vendor partners to participate with donations.

Through "Accelerate The Good," the company has a history of providing goodwill to others. They established scholarships for students to pursue higher education, helped to re-establish sports programs due to pandemic-induced budget restraints, and provided PPE to hospitals and clinics nationwide during the height of the pandemic. Kia America also regularly helps the homeless population in the nation and continues a significant role with donations for animal welfare organizations across the country.

For more information about the Hurricane Ian donation by Kia America or to get information on how you can help, please reach out to our dealership. Making a positive difference is what makes a strong nation, and Kia America has shown that the company is more than about selling cars. They care about people.

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