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Are you in the market to lease a new Kia Sorento? If you are, the new model comes equipped with numerous available features that make it a top choice when it comes to midsize crossover SUVs. We welcome you to look through our current inventory below, and we have also included the many advantages of leasing a new Kia Sorento.

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What Can You Tell Me About Leasing a Kia Sorento?

Do you prefer to drive the newest models on the market? If so, a lease may be an ideal fit for your needs. With a lease, the contract is typically two to three years. With the competition in the automobile industry, manufacturers are making updates every year or so, which gives consumers access to the latest developments in the automotive industry.

In addition, leasing is a more affordable option than purchasing a new vehicle. When you lease a new car, you are only required to pay a small down payment, or you may not have to pay a down payment with a lease. On the flip side, if you buy a vehicle, you are typically required to pay a significant down payment. Moreover, the monthly car payments are typically much lower with a lease as opposed to buying a car.

Another advantage of a lease is that you don't have a long-term financial investment on a depreciating asset like if you purchase a new vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you are only paying for the depreciation of the vehicle.

A lease may be less stressful than buying a new car. One of the biggest perks of a lease is that most lease contracts include a manufacturer warranty. This warranty will cover many repairs and routine maintenance services, so you don't have to worry about many expensive repairs when you decide to lease.

If you want to lease the new Kia Sorento, we invite you to stop by Joe Myers Kia. One of our friendly representatives can provide you with any help that you may need.

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