Car Oil Types

Motor Oil Types and Their Uses

After decades of innovation, there are many different motor oils available in the modern market. It's no longer just conventional oil, but also full synthetic, synthetic blends, and even their own varieties for different purposes, such as high mileage motor oil. The different factors that contribute to choosing the best one for your vehicle can be based on how you drive it, what the climate is like where you live, and the age and mileage of your vehicle. Besides what could be found in the glove compartment's service manual, our certified technicians can help you find the perfect motor oil based on your needs.

Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is the most affordable option compared to the rest. It's the original form, most commonly used by simple engines. It's made in a factory from refined crude oil, the same source of gasoline. It's especially appropriate for low-duty cars that rarely get driven for long distances and in places where the temperature doesn't change much throughout the year.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic's most notable difference from the rest is that it's complete made in a lab or factory with no need for crude oil. This makes it much more refined, which can benefit its resistance to oil sludge, mileage between oil changes, and the protection of the engine internals from oxidation. It can provide the best lubrication for your engine, especially from its ability to flow better at higher viscosities compared to the others. Full synthetic can give a noticeable increase in the performance and gas mileage capabilities of your vehicle and can replace conventional oil without the need to modify anything.

Full synthetic is also very thermally adaptable. It can still flow very well in extreme heat or cold, meaning that it can be suitable for those who live in a hot desert or even Antarctica. This ability to withstand extreme temperatures also benefits the health of the motor by protecting it from the thermal breakdown of the internals.

Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blends can have many of the same full synthetic motor oil benefits but at a cheaper price. It's a combination of conventional oil, full synthetic, and additives. It, too, is capable of providing improved longevity and protection from oxidation, but at a cost that's closer to conventional oil.

High Mileage Motor Oil

High mileage oil can be bought as full synthetic, conventional, or as a synthetic blend. It's made most beneficial for vehicles that have surpassed 75,000 miles by including special additives, such as seal conditioner, to reduce oil consumption from leaks.

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