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How Often Should I Service My Kia Sorento?

No matter what kind of car you drive, it will need to have service and maintenance to ensure all of its components are in good shape and working correctly. A well-maintained car is safer to drive, and it will last longer as well. Keeping your Sorento in good working condition can save money on car repairs, too. The owner's manual for your car shows you the Kia Sorento maintenance schedule that you should follow for your vehicle. Kia Sorento service intervals start at 7,500 miles and continue at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

7,500-Mile Service

When your car reaches 7,500 miles, it will be due for its first mileage-based checkup. The tires will be inspected to make sure their pressure levels and tread depth are sufficient. The tires may also be rotated. A Kia mechanic will inspect the battery for power and quality. The air cleaner filter will also be checked, as will the vacuum hose. The car's engine filter and oil will also be inspected, and a fuel additive may be added.

15,000-Mile Service

At 15,000 miles, the braking system elements will be inspected, including the brake lines and hoses. The drive shafts will be inspected, too, along with the shafts. The air conditioning refrigerant will also be checked. A Kia mechanic will look at the front and rear brake pads and discs, along with the brake calipers, to see if they need replacement. The muffler and exhaust pipe will also be inspected, as will the upper and lower arm ball joints, boots, linkage, and gearbox in the steering system. The Kia's muffler and exhaust system will get inspected, as will the suspension mounting blogs and cabin air filter. At 15,000 miles, your Kia will also have its body and chassis checked, along with the axle shaft boots. The ball joints, brake lines, hoses, dust covers, steering linkage, and boots will also be looked over. A mechanic may replace the air conditioning refrigerant, air cleaner filter, and engine coolant fluid. The wiper blades and driver's floor mat will also be checked.

30,000-Mile Service

Your Kia Sorento's parking brake, fuel filter, and brake fluid are checked at 30,000 miles.

60,000-Mile Service

When your Kia hits 60,000 miles, it will have the coolant and air cleaner filter replaced. The fuel lines, fuel tank air filter, fuel hoses, and fuel filter will also be inspected.

105,000-Mile Service

At 105,000 miles, your Kia's spark plugs will be checked and replaced.

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