Why Does the Oil in Your Kia Need to Be Changed?

Learn more about how you can keep your Kia at peak performance by taking a look at this video from our Kia oil change center in Houston.

Routine maintenance is key to long-term vehicle health  and the oil change is among the most important routine services you can get.  Oil plays a key role in protecting the heart of your car - the engine - and  it's inexpensive to have it replaced. If you've been searching for Kia oil  change coupons in Houston, you've come to the right place. Take advantage of  our special to get a discount on your next oil, lube and filter change.

What Happens When Drivers Skip Oil Changes?

Regularly skipping oil changes or going thousands of  miles past your due date can pose a danger to your Kia's engine. Whether you  need an oil change for a Kia Optima, Rio, Soul or another Kia model, following  the recommended schedule for this service is vital. When you need an oil change  in Houston, our certified mechanics can help and we can even send you friendly  service reminders to help keep you on track.  

Oil is responsible for a variety of essential tasks, all  of which help keep engines healthy. For one thing, it helps tame heat,  transferring it from the combustion area, a place that gets very hot with  numerous detonations taking place every minute. On top of this, it's the  primary lubricating agent that keeps all of the engine's components running  smooth by helping to reduce friction. Yet another important aspect of oil is  its cleaning ability; it removes debris and suspends contaminants.

Is Your Kia Due for a Lube, Oil & Filter Change?

If you need an oil change, visit Joe Myers Kia for  service. Our maintenance department offers perks that you're unlikely to find  at chain oil change centers in Houston. From free car washes on every service  to complimentary refreshments and a large lounge area with comfortable seats  and free Wi-Fi, our Kia service center provides first-rate amenities.

Print our Kia oil change coupon or load it on your phone  before your next visit! We look forward to serving you. While you're here, also  take a moment to view other service special coupons offered at our dealership.

Oil Change Service Video

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